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General Information
Ship name prefix HSS
Starting attitude Welcoming (+15)
Offers commissions Yes
Allies none
Enemies Persean League (-50 Hostile)
Tri-Tachyon (-50 Hostile)
Pirates (-50 Hostile)
Luddic Path (-50 Hostile)
Capital Chicomoztoc (size 8), Aztlan Star System

The Hegemony is the dominant faction in the Sector.


The Hegemony fields mainly low tech, with some midline mixed in. The Enforcer takes up a large bulk of Hegemony fleet compositions. Their capital ship is the venerable Onslaught, whose ballistic power and armor is unrivaled.

The Hegemony has the most military bases, spread out among several star systems. They also produce large amounts of industrial and organic goods, making the Hegemony a good trading partner. Bounties are often plentiful due to the proximity of Hegemony colonies to Pirates. While the Tri-Tachyon war means it is hard to improve relations with one without angering the other, there is the added benefit of destabilized economies and relationship boosting targets.


The Hegemony is a martial successor state to the Domain formed by a 'lost legion' trapped in a backwater system by the collapse of the Domain gate network. Built upon a creative interpretation of protocols which indefinitely extends Domain-style martial law, the founders of the Hegemony believed that the overriding cause of restoring the Domain and therefore stability, peace, and prosperity to the Sector and indeed the entire galaxy must come before certain niceties of human rights. The survival of humanity is at stake and it is only the discipline of the Hegemony military that protects worlds where some semblance of the normalcy of human civilization can be nurtured. Anything that threatens the Great Cause must be neutralized; if a few activists must be discouraged for the greater good, so be it.

Civilian hierarchies exist to govern the planets and stations under Hegemony rule but are entirely subordinate to the military. The specifics of civilian organization varies between worlds, as was Domain policy. When in doubt, the Hegemony applies a modified Domain-era colonial charter to dictate political organization. This standard-charter civilian hierarchy is generally elected, however as per martial law valid candidates must be approved by the local military authority. Exceptional times require exceptional measures, yet still the Hegemony fosters the flickering flame of galactic democracy under the same principles that founded the Domain.

–In-Game Faction Description

Starsector former lore writer Ivaylo Kovatchev gives the backstory of the Hegemony:[1]

"[...] Of course, not all colonists were so wicked. Some were able to band together – the Hegemony of today was the result of such an alliance, one of necessity between the military, farmers and workers. About three months after the Collapse, a Domain task force emerged from hyperspace in the sector. It was named Strike Force Pollux, and consisted of elements of the 14th Domain Naval Battle Group. The ships were running on full automation, as it was sent many years ago with the objective of studying the effect of long term cryo-sleep on human beings. Soldiers from the disgraced 200th Legion constituted the bulk of the test subjects. As the officers and crew of the task force were awakened, they quickly recognized the small colonial community was on the brink of collapse."

"The task force could not be matched in battle in space or planetside, but they lacked crucial supplies. They sought to annex worlds that needed their protection, and that could also feed the tens of thousands of their soldiers and crew. The farmers of Verdaria II, and the men who maintained the works in an industrial autoworld of Hastaeus Prime were annexed first to secure basic provisions and repair facilities for the fleet. They were followed by the fledgling colony of Itos II, highly sought for the rare resources found there. These three core worlds and the men and women of the Domain task force were the foundation of the Hegemony."


Citadel Arcadia, size 4, Arcadia Star System

Chicomoztoc, size 8, Aztlan Star System

Coatl, size 5, Aztlan Star System

Jangala, size 6, Corvus Star System

Ancyra, size 5, Galatia Star System

Yama, size 6, Naraka Star System

Nachiketa, size 5, Naraka Star System

Tigra City, size 4, Samarra Star System

Eventide, size 7, Samarra Star System

Sphinx, size 5, Samarra Star System

Raesvelg, size 5, Valhalla Star System

Ragnar Complex, size 5, Valhalla Star System


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Minor Factions Independents · Luddic Path · Pirates
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