Heavy Machine Gun
Heavy machinegun turret
General Information
Mount Medium, Ballistic
Primary Role Point Defense
Ordnance points 10
DPS 320
Damage type Kinetic
Range 450
Flux/sec 120
Accuracy Good
Turn rate Very Fast
Shots/min 480
Damage 40x4
A larger cousin of the ubiquitous rapid-fire machine gun category of weapons, the Heavy MG is effective against both small and medium-sized targets.

A workhorse of patrol craft across the Sector, this weapons system features reliable blowback firing mechanism said to date back to the days of Old Earth. Safety features include a positive cook-off safety for open bolt clearing and double ram prevention. The weapon is typically mounted on a relatively heavy base to help absorb recoil during prolonged bursts of fire. Calibers vary within a moderate range and ammunition is easily fabricated by standard forges.

The heavier projectiles do not shatter upon impact like lighter ammunition and present a credible threat to frigate-class vessels. Extremely accurate, though slower-firing than a vulcan cannon. Excels in a point-defense role.

–In-Game Description

The Heavy Machine Gun is a medium kinetic point defense weapon. It is the larger version of the Light Machine Gun and Light Dual Machine Gun.


The HMG is best used as the natural complement to the Assault Chaingun for a Safety Overrides brawler build. Flak Cannons and Dual Flak Cannons are generally more effective for point defense.

Heavy Machine Gun changes notably when used on a cruiser or capital ship with range boosting hullmods such as Dedicated Targeting Core or Integrated Targeting Unit. The additional range makes it quite reasonably at pushing away threats and even point defence.


Heavy Machine Gun
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