Heavy Burst Laser
Burstpdheavy turret base.png
General Information
Mount Medium, Energy
Primary Role Point Defense
Ordnance points 11
DPS (sustained) 244 (73)
Damage type Energy (Beam)
Range 600
Flux/sec 200 (60)
Accuracy Perfect
Turn rate Very Fast
Shots/min 100
Burst damage 147
Charges 5
Ammo recharge per minute 30
A heavier version of the PD Burst Laser, this weapon features a longer range and a greater number of built-in capacitors for higher up-front damage.

An often underestimated weapon, the heavy burst laser is actually one of the best performing beam weapons available in the Sector. A cursory examination of the gain medium and lens housing is often enough to assure even the most skeptical inspector that the technology housed within is some of the best the Domain had to offer.

The physics that create the burst effect are not understood by the highest echelons of the Hegemony Science Council or even the Tri-Tachyon Science Corps. It is theorized that a q-switched multi-phased beam could be shot through a quantum filter which would ensure entanglement and create a burst effect. This may be an explanation for the tripled lens housing, originally thought to be a failsafe system. But these are just theories.

In combat, the Heavy Burst Laser is favored by those that want be assured that their point defense perimeter is state-of-the-art.

–In-Game Description

The Heavy Burst Laser is a medium point defense beam weapon. It is the larger version of the Burst PD Laser.

Animation[edit | edit source]

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Change History[edit | edit source]


  • Energy cost per second reduced from 600 to 500 (Flux per second reduced from 120 to 100)

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