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Heavy Autocannon
Heavy autocannon turret.png
General Information
Mount Medium, Ballistic
Primary Role Anti Shield
Ordnance points 10
DPS 214
Damage type Kinetic
Range 800
Flux/sec 214
Accuracy Very Poor
Turn rate Slow
Shots/min 129
Damage 100x3
A triple-barreled cannon that fires a burst of standardized shells at medium range. It is most effective versus enemy shields.

Medium caliber, triple-barreled autocannon, typically deployed with medium-bore ammunition. Electrically primed firing fuses ensure precise fire counts. A great fire support weapon, it is typically fitted on destroyer and cruiser class ships. A battery of heavy autocannons with a proper firing solution may pose a serious threat to capital ships.

Additional mass necessity to accommodate the complex autoloader and cooling systems results in a very poor turn rate.

–In-Game Description

The Heavy Autocannon is a medium ballistic weapon that fires kinetic projectiles. It is essentially a larger version of the Light Autocannon and Light Dual Autocannon.


The Heavy Autocannon is notable for having a large amount of recoil, causing a large amount of shot deviation when firing constantly. Under direct manual control an extra quarter of a second between shots causes drastically more accuracy at range, by allowing the recoil factor to decay.

Despite its name, the Heavy Autocannon actually has a comparatively low rate of fire. It serves as a basic anti-shield weapon.

Compared to the Heavy Needler, the Heavy Autocannon has a lower DPS and slower projectiles, but only two-thirds the OP cost and is somewhat more effective against light armor.


Heavy Autocannon.gif
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