Harpoon MRM
Harpoon MRM rack.png
General Information
Mount Small, Missile
Primary Role Close Support
Ordnance points 4
DPS 750
Damage type High Explosive
Range 2,500
Flux/sec 0
Speed Very Fast
Tracking Good
Shots/min 60
Damage 750
Ammo 3
Medium range, high payload guided missile rack, a great finisher versus ships with downed shields.

Three-racked medium range missiles. Calibers vary, but are usually around 120mm. An excellent propulsion system delivers a large warhead to the target at sublight speeds. Sacrificing maneuverability for speed and warhead size, the medium range missile is one of the highest yield non strike weapons employed in the sector. One hit is almost fatal to frigate-sized ships.

This weapon system features a firing rack that houses multiple missiles.

–In-Game Description

Notes[edit | edit source]

The Harpoon MRM is a high-explosive missile. It is effective against ships whose shields are down, but frigates can often evade the missile on its first run, requiring another pass to connect.

The Harpoon also comes in single-shot and pod form.

Animation[edit | edit source]

Harpoon Rack.gif
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