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Guardian-class Drone Battleship
Derelict guardian.png
Logistical Data
Recovery rate (per day) 3%
Maintenance (sup/month) 40
Cargo capacity 100
Maximum crew 0
Skeleton crew 0
Fuel capacity 400
Maximum burn 7
Fuel per light year 15
Ordnance points 450
Combat Performance
Hull integrity 20,000
Armor rating 1700
Defense Front Shield
Flux capacity 25000
Flux dissipation 1000
Top speed 40
System Plasma Jets
Mounts 2x Large Composite
2x Medium Missile
3x Large Hybrid
6x Medium Hybrid
8x Small Hybrid
Advanced Stats
CR per deployment 12%
Recovery cost (supplies) 40
Peak performance (sec) 720
Shield arc 200
Shield upkeep/sec 400
Shield flux/damage 1

Although automated machines of war were forbidden in core Domain space, war drones were quietly employed outside of officially incorporated volume. Nothing like this, however, could possibly have been deployed by the Domain drone armadas.

There are elements of standard droneships within the hull structure, but they are covered by malevolently angled glacises and illogical tangles of conduit. Surely this monstrous vessel is the product of some deranged Domain naval architect, or a production chip corrupted by exposure to kilolights of faulty drive field?

–In-Game Description

The Guardian is a derelict battleship found defending the Domain-era Cryosleepers. Because only 2 Cryosleepers generate per Sector seed, only 2 Guardians can ever exist in the sector, and for a very good reason. Like all Derelict and Remnant ships, this ship is hidden in the Codex, and is unboardable.


This ship has a little less armor than the Onslaught, but is faster, more maneuverable, has a much bigger flux capacity, and has more frontal weapon slots, which makes it capable of projecting a truly humongous amount of frontal firepower. It is also nearly as big as the Onslaught. This droneship also never diverges from its Standard loadout.


The main weak point of the Guardian is its little-defended (by comparison) rear section, which has a single large mount. A fast, maneuverable and heavily armed ship like an Aurora can get behind it and quickly disable its engines. If the Guardian is unable to aim its frontal guns at its enemies, it will be easy prey to a group of smaller ships and quickly destroyed.

A straight, head-on fight with an Onslaught or a Paragon will be devastating to a Guardian. An Onslaught's intense arsenal will quickly tear through a Guardian's armor and destroy it, while receiving little to no damage. And that's without mentioning how lethal an Astral can be to it.

Although it won't win in a straight fight with either of the above ships, the Guardian is still an extremely serious threat to all ships, being capable of quickly destroying them if they get too close, and with the enhanced range it has thanks to its Advanced Targeting Core, the Guardian can fire weapons like the Gauss Cannon at several thousand SUs of distance.

The Guardian is extremely fast and maneuverable for a ship of its size, and its Plasma Jets make it even more of a speed devil, fortunately, they have a relatively long cooldown of a little less than 10 seconds.

The Guardian has a final, nasty trick in its mechanical sleeves: It has an unique built-in hullmod version of the Missile Autoforge that allows it to passively regenerate its missile ammo at no cost, with no disadvantages. In other words, it will never permanently run out of ammo, allowing it to keep firing its missiles for the entire battle.

Trying to outlast a Guardian (keep fighting until its peak performance timer ends and its CR drops to zero) is not recommended. Due to how long it can maintain its peak performance, it is far more likely that the opposite will happen.



  • Added to the game.


  • Additional Guardians can now be spawned if the player accepts [REDACTED] bounty missions.
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