Frag Bomb Bay
General Information
Mount Small, Ballisitc
Primary Role Point Defense
Ordnance points 3
DPS 750
Damage type Fragmentation
Range 1,500
Flux/sec 0
Speed Very Slow
Tracking None
Shots/min 30
Damage 500x3
Ammo 30
Releases a cluster of free floating bomblets that retain the momentum of the launching craft. The bomblets are equipped with a proximity fuse.

A Frag Bomb projector fires Mark VI fragmentation bomblets from three tubes. Unguided and without a propulsion system, the bomblets instead rely on a friend-or-foe targeting system. Their vast numbers allow them to cover a wide swath of space, effectively creating a Point Defense barrier in that location, albeit for a limited time. When the proximity fuse is triggered by an enemy craft, the bomblet will detonate, achieving similar effects to those of flak weapons.

–In-Game Description


This weapon is currently depreciated, since it was reworked into the Stinger-class Proximity Mine and built into the Wasp Interceptor Wing