This ship is a survivor of the original 14th Domain Battlegroup which founded the Hegemony. It is a prime specimen of the Domain Navy's "decisive battle" doctrine, particularly exhibited by a series of radical structural modifications (performed with pre-Collapse industrial methods) which allow the mounting of heavier armor plating by a flat increase of 100 standard units, with only a 7 percent reduction in speed and maneuverability. Exceptionally well-tuned energy systems increase flux throughput and capacity by 4 percent over standard examples of this hull.

This can only occur on original Fourteenth Domain Battlegroup ships, either purchased on the market or salvaged. It will not be removed by restoring the ship.

Battlegroup XIV, including elements of 200th Legion (disgraced after a series of mutinies while deployed against rebels), was cut off from the Gate Network at a transfer point in vicinity of Persean Sector. Enacts network failure protocol: most of the crew is put into emergency cryosleep, many units jury-rigged, and the ships make the hyperspace journey toward the closest civilized volume. Civilian ships and outposts encountered en-route are stripped of fuel and supplies. Many core fleet elements must be mothballed or abandoned.
circa c+48 - XIV Battlegroup arrives in Persean Sector

XIV Battlegroup claims military authority to seize supplies necessary for its operation.

circa c+49 - XIV Battlegroup enacts a diktat of hegemony

“The Hegemony stands for the overriding cause of the restoration of the Domain and therefore stability, peace, and prosperity for all humanity in the galaxy. This must come first before any other niceties of civilized life. Officers, crew, citizens – the survival of humanity is at stake! It is only the discipline of the Hegemony military that creates a space on our precious protected worlds where some semblance of “normalcy” can be found. Anything that threatens this cause must be neutralized by the power of the Hegemony.”

Address to the Assembly, first High Hegemon Kali Molina

In cooperation with “native elements”, a legal framework is laid for the polity known as the Hegemony and is declared a successor to Domain authority in a ceremony held on Eventide.

A True and Accurate History of the Persean Sector

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