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Launches flares to confuse the guidance systems of nearby enemy missiles.

–In-Game Description

This ship system is used on the following hulls:

  • Atlas; fires 30 flares per burst.
  • Buffalo Mk II; fires 10 flares per burst.
  • Dram; fires 10 flares per burst.
  • Gremlin; fires 30 flares per burst.
  • Hound; fires 10 flares per burst.
  • Nebula; fires 20 flares per burst.
  • Ox; fires 10 flares per burst.
  • Phaeton; fires 20 flares per burst.
  • Prometheus; fires 40 flares per burst.
  • Salvage Rig; fires 10 flares per burst.
  • Starliner; fires 20 flares per burst.
  • Wayfarer; fires 10 flares per burst.

The number of flares launched at a time is based on the number of hidden flare launchers mounted in each hull type.


In light of the fact that these flares lack the built-in guidance system found in active flares, the flares come with a small chance to attract enemy missiles. This can be heavily negated by vessels equipped with the ECCM Package hullmod.

Flares are physical entities that will absorb weapon attacks on contact, whether those weapons are attracted to it or not.

The flares have a travel range of 500 SU, after which they are no longer effective. 

Standard flares are released in much larger quantities when compared to other flare systems; 10 flares per launcher. 

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Only up to date for version 0.9. It is likely still broadly correct but not verified for the most up to date data yet. Please double check the Version History