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Briefly boost burn level at the cost of fuel and combat readiness.

Available by default

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Increases sensor profile and reduces range.
  • Disabled if any ships in fleet have insufficient CR. Commonly because they are mothballed or in a big fleet that has suffered a hyperspace storm strike.
  • Costs 50% of fleet deployment costs per use and prevents CR recovery.
  • Largely rendered obsolete by Sustained Burn, although it can still be useful when a quick burst of speed without maneuverability penalties is desired.
  • Unique & powerful uses near movement hampering terrain as Emergency Burn completely ignores most terrain movement modifiers. This is of particular use when navigating close to a sun's corona, pushing through a pulsar beam or hyperspace storms, and escaping the perils of a Black Hole's event horizon.
Default Active Sensor Burst · Distress Call · Emergency Burn · Go Dark · Interdiction Pulse · Scavenge (ability) · Sustained Burn · Transponder
From skills Neutrino Detector · Remote Survey · Transverse Jump

Change History[edit | edit source]


  • Reduced supply cost by half (was: 50% of total deployment cost of fleet, now 25%)
  • Burn bonus increased to +8 (was: +5)

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