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The Duzahk star system is an uninhabited system within The Core Worlds. It is located on the western-most side of Hegemony space, near Corvus. Similar to Penelope's Star and the Tia-Ta'xet binary system, it is completely uninhabited and unsurveyed.

Duzakh contains two stable locations and will always begin with a Makeshift Sensor Array constructed at one of the stable locations, owned by the Pirates. Otherwise, the system will start off with no other signs of colonisation.

Duzakh is guarenteed to contain an Orange Star, a Gas Giant, an Asteroid Belt, and a Barren world.

Duzahk (Orange Star)[edit | edit source]

"Slightly cooler and smaller than Old Earth's sun, this class K star most resembles Alpha Centauri B. It is particularly stable, burning on the lower end of the main sequence for tens of billions of years and thus considered a likely host to life-bearing and terraformable planets."

–In-Game Description

Duzakh is the sole star of the Duzakh system. It is an orange star

Aka Mainyu (Gas Giant)[edit | edit source]

Aka Mainyu
"Tidally locked to its primary, the hot gas giant Aka Mainyu's day side is an eternal hellish maelstrom with winds of vaporized metals reaching speeds of thousands of kilometers per hour. A half million tonnes of ionized gas is blasted from the atmosphere each second creating a complex whorled magnetotail with detectable effects across the entire inner volume of the Duzahk system."

–In-Game Description

Aka Mainyu is the first planet of the Duzakh system. It is a gas giant. It very closely orbits Duzahk, and is thus inflicted with the Extreme Heat hazard.

The Daevas (Asteroid Belt)[edit | edit source]

The Daveas is a small asteroid belt with an orbit slightly larger than that of Aka Mainyu, centered on Duzakh.

Druj (Barren)[edit | edit source]

"A dead and barren world, albeit with an appreciable magnetic field suggesting a differentiated metal core. The ion-storms unleashed by Aka Mainyu rain Druj with spectacular high energy particles, blasting away volatiles and leaving dark arcs of nanophase iron in the regolith."

–In-Game Description

Druj is the second planet of the Duzakh system. It is a barren world. It orbits a moderate distance past The Daveas, though is close enough to the star to be inflicted with the Hot hazard.

Druj is the last planet guarenteed to exist in the Duzakh system. Any additional planets are procedurally generated beyond Druj's orbit.

Fringe Jump-point[edit | edit source]

"Jump-points can be used to transit between hyperspace and normal space. Some jump points also lead to other destinations."

–In-Game Description

This jump-point orbits Duzakh. It is a considerable distance away from the star.

Changelog History[edit | edit source]

0.9.1a[edit | edit source]

  • Empty Planets Bug fixed.

0.9a[edit | edit source]

  • Druj Relay replaced with a Makeshift Sensor Array.
  • Empty Planets Bug affects both Aka Mainyu and Druj

0.7a[edit | edit source]

  • Added to the game.
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