Dual Flak Cannon
Double flak cannon turret
General Information
Mount Medium, Ballistic
Primary Role Point Defense
Ordnance points 12
DPS 455
Damage type Fragmentation
Range 400
Flux/sec 152
Accuracy Medium
Turn rate Excellent
Shots/min 182
Damage 150
An upgraded, viciously effective dual mount of the Flak Cannon. Nicknamed "The Widowmaker" for its ability to tear apart incoming fighters.

Just like the standard flak cannon, this weapon devastates smaller fighter and missile targets, firing two proximity fuse fitted rounds. Shaped dispersal ensures dual detonation and a higher kill radius. Fighter craft are rarely launched against ships that are fitted with this weapon system, out of fear of what it can do. Excellent rate of fire and turret turn rate.

–In-Game Description

The Dual Flak Cannon is a medium point defense weapon with area-of-effect fragmentation damage. It is the strongest ballistic PD weapon in the game.


Compared to the Flak Cannon, it actually fires three times as fast, but each shot does only 75% of the damage (for a net 2.275 times the DPS) and the range is shorter. It is among the best PD weapons on a per-mount basis, but the single Flak Cannon may be preferable as it offers sufficient point defense for a lower OP cost.


Dual Flak
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Change History Edit


  • Optimized performance of proximity fuse weapons (e.g. flak)

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