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Dev (Developer) Mode is used to enable some options or features that are useful for development or modding.

Activating dev mode[]

Dev mode can be activated by editing settings.json and setting element "devMode":true

It can also be toggled in-game by using the Console Commands mod with its devmode command. Do note, however, that it will not fully activate it (e.g. you're unable to modify other faction's colonies)


Dev Mode:

  • Enables the Variant Editor feature from the main menu.
  • Increases the amount of max zoom out to very large degree, both in campaign layer and in combat.
  • Removes surveying, salvaging and colony creation requirements. Although they'll still appear, the costs will be ignored.
  • Allows you to modify other factions' colonies like they were your own, while also vastly speeding up the construction time of industries on your colonies. It also allows you to put an administrator on them, like an [REDACTED].
  • Allows unpausing the game while looking at TAB map in campaign.
  • Allows exiting combat with a player victory at any time.
  • Enables using certain shortcuts, which are listed below.

Keyboard shortcuts enabled by dev mode and their effects:


  • CTRL + Z toggles sensors
    • Systems in the Sector map will change color based on what is present in them:
  • CTRL + Left Click to teleport (works on main map and TAB map)
  • ESC closes interaction dialogues, even when this would otherwise be impossible.
  • G allows you to send pirate raids into hyperspace, start punitive expeditions (against yourself) and start AI inspections.
  • K gives 25000 Credits
  • L gives player 50000 experience points, officers seem to get 10000 - 20000 experience points
  • N spawns a large pirate raider fleet
  • M spawns a random derelict ship. Derelict ship will salvage with the usual salvage loot along with lots of blueprints and AI cores.
    • Likely to crash a modded game, perhaps due to spawning invalid or nonexistent special items.


  • CTRL + Left Click on any ship or fighter switches control of that entity to player. This doesn't switch the side of the entity player takes control of, so friendly ships will still shoot at it.
  • Backspace ends combat, with player's side being victorious. In pre-0.8 versions, the Escape button would do this instead.
  • F12 deals random damage to enemy ships
  • F10 changes camera mode (free pan, standard, locked on ship)
  • I (capital i) kills currently controlled ship
  • P toggles travel drive
  • N cycles player control through friendly ships
  • In TAB map:
    • F1 toggles AI for selected ship
    • F2 switches side (friendly/enemy) of selected ship
    • F3 switches player control to selected ship
    • F4 damages selected ship
  • F8 in simulator re-reads .json and .csv files, allowing you to quickly and efficiently check changes you've made, especially useful when modding.
  • Dynamically changing d-mod overlay of a ship while in combat with 7, 8, 9 and 0, with 0 being pristine

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Up to date for version 0.95.1


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