Shields, Armor, and Hull[edit | edit source]

The display in the bottom left of the HUD indicates the armor status of the ship. Green cells represent intact armor, and turn brown as armor is damaged or destroyed.

Shields are the outermost line of defense. Right clicking activates them, and they follow the mouse on omni-shielded ships. Blue numbers indicate shield damage.

Shield damage produces an amount of hard flux that depends on the weapon type (see below), weapon damage, and shield efficiency. Lower efficiency values are better because flux = damage * efficiency. A hit that pushes flux above maximum causes an overload.

Armor is a passive, location based defense that a ship's armor rating determines. Yellow numbers indicate armor damage.  Hits to armor reduces armor points in the nearby area. Damage decreases with increasing armor to a minimum of 15%. Armor cannot be recovered in combat. Weapons can be temporarily disabled by damage even while armor is up.

Hits where armor is zero damages the hull, a finite pool of overall health that upon falling to zero causes the ship to explode into a floating hulk. Red numbers indicate hull damage.

Hits on armor and hull can temporarily disable weapons and engines.

Damage Types[edit | edit source]

Main article: Damage Types

Damage can be Kinetic, High Explosive, Fragmentation or Energy. Each type of damages differently affects the Shield and Armor of a ship.

All types of Damage work equally well (100%) against the Hull of a ship.

  • Kinetic projectiles, which are often white, deal 200% damage against Shields but only 50% damage against Armour.
  • High Explosive projectiles, which are often orange, deal only 50% damage against Shields but 200% damage against Armour.
  • Fragmentation projectiles, though of very high base damage, deal only 25% damage against Shields and Armour.
  • Energy Weapons deal 100% damage against Shields and Armour, but lasers only generate soft flux when dealing damage to shields.
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