Cryosanctum industry
An enormous tomb-like vault built to store those who choose to risk cryosleep to pass this time of troubles to wake in what will presumably be a more civilized age. The cryopods themselves are insignificant in size compared to the many-times redundant support infrastructure, massive automated security systems and anti-ship batteries, all housed in a branching subsurface fortress-labyrinth.

–In-game description

Cryosanctum is a special non-industry structure. It can only be found on the planet Nomios (controlled by Independents) in the Arcadia star system.

Statistics Edit

Effects Edit

Cryosanctum does not provide any benefits to the colony.

Upkeep Edit

Cryosanctum has a base upkeep of 10 000 credits, increasing by the same amount for each colony size past 3.

Production Edit

Cryosanctum produces the following commodities;

Demands Edit

Cryosanctum demands the following commodities;

Trivia Edit

  • If Nomios becomes decivilized or is destroyed by a saturation bombardment, the Cryosanctum industry is lost and cannot be rebuilt if the player establishes a colony. This makes it impossible to financially exploit a Cryosanctum in a player colony.
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