Skilled personnel experienced in the maintenance and day-to-day operation of spaceships and smaller ground-based installations.

–In-Game Description

Each ship has a minimum required or skeleton crew which is required to maintain baseline 70% Combat readiness.

Crew are also potentially consumed during accidents when performing salvaging and planetary survey operations, as well as 1000 crew being consumed when starting a Colony. Fleets specialising in these will often contain dedicated crew transports like the Mudskipper, Nebula or Valkyrie to support them.

Crew salaries of 10 credits per month are due each month. Failure to pay may see some crew be lost when the ship next docks.

Crew can be lost in combat due to hull damage, with Blast Doors mitigating this. Most fighters require crew, and these are lost every time a fighter is destroyed. This may necessitate serious extra crew considerations for large scale use of crewed fighters.

Crew can be produced and is also required as an input commodity for some Industries in a Colony
-Produced by Population & Infrastructure, Spaceport/Megaport, Patrol HQ/Military Base/High Command
-Demanded by Waystation, Orbital Station

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