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Coronal Hypershunt

This class of megastructure once powered the unfathomable industrial might of the Domain, putting the human civilisation well toward Kardashev type II status. It is capable of extracting energy on an astronomical scale directly from the linked star. Losing control of an active coronal hypershunt without following proper shut-down procedures can prove disastrous.

–In-Game Description


They can be found either in the corona of blue giants/supergiants or floating between stars in a trinary system with at least two different-colored stars (so one could be found in a system with two red dwarves and one blue giant, or one with a white dwarf, a red dwarf, and a brown dwarf, but not one with three white dwarves, for example).

This megastructure is possibly (in future updates beyond 0.95) going to be the subject of the next [REDACTED] mission after [REDACTED] as one of the last things the [REDACTED][1] says to the Player before telling them to "Get out" is using a Coronal Hypershunt(s?) to power the [REDACTED].

Similar to Domain-era Cryosleepers, only two can be found per sector. Each is guarded by two very powerful [VERY REDACTED] ships. Once these are defeated, the Hypershunt can be repaired for a huge investment (20,000 metals and 5,000 transplutonics), and used to power a Hypershunt Tap, which can be installed in a colony and allows the addition of one extra industry.

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Only up to date for version 0.95. It is likely still broadly correct but not verified for the most up to date data yet. Please double check the Version History.

  1. Anahita Baird