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Condor-class Light Carrier

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Logistical Data
Recovery rate (per day) 5%
Maintenance (sup/month) 10.0
Cargo capacity 120
Maximum crew 150
Skeleton crew 90
Fuel capacity 30
Maximum burn 9
Fuel per light year 2
Ordnance points 45
Flight decks 2
Combat Performance
Hull integrity 5,000
Armor rating 500
Defense Omni Shield
Flux capacity 2,200
Flux dissipation 110
Top speed 40
Mounts 1x Medium Missile
2x Small Ballistic
Advanced Stats
CR per deployment 10%
Recovery cost (supplies) 10
Peak performance (sec) 360
Shield arc 120
Shield upkeep/sec 44
Shield flux/damage 1.2
All condor-class light carriers started their service lives as Tarsus class freighters. The conversion process is an involved and complex affair and requires proper space dock facilities.

Some in the sector argue even the Domain, with all their technological know-how, relied on conversions of this type to make more efficient use of a merchant fleet during times of escalated hostilities. Others point out that it is unclear how ubiquitous this approach was - there could have been fleets of Condors roaming Domain space, but there is scarce evidence one way or the other. Such details were all lost in the Collapse.

Nowadays the Condor-class sees heavy service in the Sector as the conversion is, for many, the easiest way to procure carrier capability for their organization. Even with limited flight deck space, the Condor gets the job done, relying on its tough armor, excellent bulkhead strength, and a respectable (for a light carrier) weapons package.

–In-Game Description


The Condor is a cheap, fairly effective basic carrier, with limited support armament. Fitted with the useful Fast Missile Racks subsystem and a medium missile mount, it is capable of providing prolonged pressure in fights using Pilum LRM Barrages, or using a Salamander MRM Pod to disable ships. At a pinch, it can be fitted with finisher missiles such as Harpoons or Reapers at crippled or disabled enemy vessels.

The Condor has fairly substantial armour and hull for a destroyer sized carrier, able to take a reasonable amount of damage in a fight despite it's mediocre shield and flux stats. The condor is however hampered by it's low speed, manoeuvrability and direct armament (offering only 2 small ballistic mounts to fit other weapons, usually point defence) as well as it's mediocre OP value. If enemies are capable of closing to firing range of a condor however, it will still likely be destroyed.

Despite this, the Condor has the dubious honour of offering the most deployment point efficient undamaged flight decks, offering one flight deck per 5 Deployment points. This is however tempered by the extremely limited selection of fighters or bombers it can field owing to it's limited OP points.

It is treated as a support carrier and hence will attempt to avoid direct combat unless fitted with a Reckless Officer, preferring to sit back outside of max range of enemies and launch fighters and missiles.

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Change History[]


  • Increased cargo capacity to 120 (was: 40)


  • Maintenance supply cost increase from 8.0 to 10.0 per month

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Up to date for version 0.95