Regulations, grants, and infrastructure to encourage thriving independent trade.

–In-game description

Commerce is an industry. It can be built at any Colony that has a Spaceport.


Effects Edit

  • Creates an independent Open Market on the colony. The market will sell commodities the colony produces or demands, as well as ships and weapons the player has blueprint of, if they have a Heavy Industry.
  • Increases Stability by 1.
Adds an independent Open Market that the colony's owner is able to trade with.

–In-Game description

Upkeep Edit

Commerce has a base upkeep of 1 500 credits, increasing by the same amount for each colony size past 3.

Production Edit

Commerce does not produce any commodities.

Demand Edit

Commerce does not demand any commodities.


  • The independent Open Market will charge 30% tariffs as normal.
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Change HistoryEdit


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