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Colossus Mk.III-class Modified Freighter
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Logistical Data
Recovery rate (per day) 3%
Maintenance (sup/month) 8
Cargo capacity 300
Maximum crew 160
Skeleton crew 80
Fuel capacity 60
Maximum burn 7
Fuel per light year 4
Ordnance points 55
Flight decks 2
Combat Performance
Hull integrity 6,000
Armor rating 600
Defense Front Shield
Flux capacity 3,250
Flux dissipation 180
Top speed 50
Mounts 12x Small Ballistic
Advanced Stats
CR per deployment 20%
Recovery cost (supplies) 8
Peak performance (sec) 480
Shield arc 150
Shield upkeep/sec 50
Shield flux/damage 1
The Colossus was first adapted for war by Pather militants, but enterprising pirates soon followed their lead. A similarly haphazard process sees most cargo decks collapsed and re-welded to form thick armour dotted with numerous weapons emplacements. The primary cargo bay was left open, however, and converted into an ersatz fighter launch bay with the addition of a micro civilian forge-vat intended for the manufacture of machine parts hacked to accept fighter LPC chips. The forge is poorly integrated with the hull's base power system, resulting in unreliable overall performance.

The Colossus heavy freighter formed the core of Domain frontier supply fleets before it was outmatched by the brutal economic efficiency of the Atlas superfreighter. Thicker than strictly necessary hull plating provides protection against cosmic hazards both natural and human.

–In-Game Description


Slow and lumbering, the Colossus Mk III's combines two barely functioning flight decks with a myriad of small ballistic mounts haphazardly positioned around them. This gives it a surprisingly large amount of close range firepower and long range force projection despite it's slow speed. Often predominantly the Pirates primary source of fighters and bombers during combat unless they've been sold anything better or happen to have any condors in the fleet. It's weapons loadout also tends to discourage smaller ships from assaulting it directly - A hail of light mortar or machinegun fire however offers little threat to larger vessels such as destroyers or cruisers.

The Colossus Mk III is sadly let down in fights by it's atrocious mobility and defensive stats, having a mediocre 600 armour and 3250 flux capacity with a 1 efficiency shield. While this is adequate against some of the less threatening destroyers, it will quickly find itself overwhelmed and destroyed by any serious opposition.

Like the Valkyrie heavy transport, the Colossus Mk III's Ground Support Package system is ideal for planetary raids and invasions, increasing the effective strength of raids by 100. As it is often more available than the Valkyrie (which is often only available from military bases after commission) it is a useful addition as a raiding support ship.

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Change History[]


  • Colossus (all versions): increased fuel/ly to 4 (was: 3)


  • Added Civilian-grade Hull (a correction not a nerf)
  • Removed Ill-Advised Modifications built-in hullmod
  • Added Converted Cargo Bay built-in hullmod
  • Added Ground Support Package built-in hullmod


  • Added to the game

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