Depreciated weapon no longer in the game

Cluster Bomb Bay
Cluster Bomb Bay
General Information
Mount Small, Ballisitc
Primary Role Strike
Ordnance points 5
DPS 625
Damage type High Explosive
Range 1,500
Flux/sec 0
Speed Very Slow
Tracking None
Shots/min 125
Damage 300x5
Ammo 30
Releases a cluster of free floating, high-explosive bomblets. More effective versus unshielded and slow-moving targets.

A Cluster Bomb projector is equipped with three tubes designed to fire dozens of Mark II Explosively Formed Penetrator bomblets. The bomblets are unguided and have no propulsion system, relying on the inital momentum of the strike craft. They are equipped with a friend-or-foe targeting scanner, and will only detonate when impacting an appropriate target. The shaped charge explosive is very effective versus unshielded targets. The sheer number of bomblets that can be deployed by this weapon system is staggering, and as such it makes the Cluster Bomb a useful area denial weapon.

–In-Game Description

Change History Edit

Removed in version 0.65.1a