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Large Autopulse Laser · High Intensity Laser · Paladin PD System · Plasma Cannon · Tachyon Lance · Thermal Pulse Cannon
Missile Small Annihilator Rocket Launcher · Atropos-class Torpedo (Single) · Atropos-class Torpedo Rack · Breach SRM · Hammer-class Torpedo · Hammer-class Torpedo (Single) · Harpoon MRM · Harpoon MRM (Double) · Reaper-class Torpedo · Sabot SRM · Sabot SRM (Double) · Salamander MRM · Swarmer SRM Launcher
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Large Cyclone Reaper Launcher · Hammer Barrage · Hurricane MIRV Launcher · Locust SRM Launcher · Squall MLRS
Omega Small Antimatter SRM Launcher · Minipulser · Rift Lance · Shock Repeater
Medium Cryoblaster · Cryoflamer · Disintegrator · Resonator MRM Launcher · Rift Beam
Large Reality Disruptor · Rift Cascade Emitter · Rift Torpedo Launcher · Volatile Particle Driver

There are three types of weapons in Starsector: Ballistic, Missile, and Energy. These weapon types are further divided into roles such as Point Defense, Assault, Close Support, Strike, and so forth. Each weapon has distinct stats such as damage, damage types, rate of fire, range and accuracy, tailored to fit its role.

As a rule, low-tech ships use ballistic weapons, high-tech ships use energy weapons, and midline ships use a mix of both, while missiles are used by all three tech styles.

Ballistic and energy weapons generate flux when firing, while missile weapons do not.

For information about mounting weapons onto a ship see the refitting page.

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