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Frigates are small ships that usually have high speed and agility. Frigates may be a small and sometimes fragile weapons platform, but when utilized correctly they can be very dangerous. They are very cheap to purchase and field.

The vanilla frigates include:

Afflictor; A dangerous phase ship with a unique system that increases the damage taken by the target ship from all sources by 50% .

Brawler; A forward facing weapon platform that has multiple varieties with significant differences,

Centurion; A tough escort ship with many hybrid slots and damper field.

Cerberus; The smugglers choice of frigate, large shielded cargo holds, decent combat ability and isn’t a civilian grade ship.

Dram; Frigate fuel tanker.

Gremlin; The basic phase ship.

Hermes; A tiny freighter.

Hound; A small fast freighter with passable combat ability.

Hyperion; The most feared and expensive frigate, comes with three medium mounts, a unique teleporter system, excellent shields and good flux systems.

Kite; A tiny cheap fragile frigate, with missiles.

Lasher; The staple attack frigate, good armour and great weapon mounts and system make it a danger to destroyers while keeping a small logistical profile.

Mercury; Another tiny freighter, with 3 universal mounts

Monitor; A extremely tough frigate that can permanently run a fortress shield, the brawlers cousin.

Mudskipper; Frigate crew transporter.

Mudskipper MK.II; A lunatics fever dream, a large ballistic mount with an engine.

Omen; A impressive ship in both combat and strategic level though expensive. Easier for you to see it yourself then have it described here.

Ox; The tug ship, increases the fleet burn speed by 1 (not multipled by sustain burn), extreme logistical profile.

Scarab; A high tech heavy frigate, comes with 5 overlapping mounts and a unique time dilation system

Shade; A good phase ship with a EMP system.

Shepherd; A small exploration and salvage ship, adequate in combat.

Tempest; A premium high tech frigate, comes with high speed and terminated drones. Good all round frigate but high cost.

Vigilance; Has medium missile and energy mount, otherwise unexceptional, needs work to shine.

Wayfarer; A larger freighter, normally unimpressive though can shine in the right hands.

Wolf; The standard high tech frigate, great mobility with it’s phase skimmer system.

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