Burst PD Laser
Burstpd turret base.png
General Information
Mount Small, Energy
Primary Role Point Defense
Ordnance points 7
DPS (sustained) 214 (64)
Damage type Energy (Beam)
Range 500
Flux/sec 133 (40)
Accuracy Perfect
Turn rate Excellent
Shots/min 100
Burst damage 128
Charges 3
Ammo recharge per minute 30
Features a built-in capacitor that lets the weapon fire several bursts in quick succession if allowed to fully recharge. Excellent vs missiles and fighters.

The burst point defense laser is a further refinement of standard PD beam weapons. The q-switched gain medium is pulse pumped, ensuring that the power delivered to the titanium-doped sapphire gain medium peaks at a predefined interval. The result is a weapon that fires once every couple of seconds and is extremely effective for its small size. Power consumption is small enough that even some fighter craft power cores can handle the firing load.

–In-Game Description

The Burst PD Laser is a small point defense beam weapon. It is the smaller version of the Heavy Burst Laser.

Notes[edit | edit source]

An upgrade of the PD Laser, the Burst PD Laser stores 3 charges (4 with the Expanded Magazines hullmod) that regenerate slowly over time. It can destroy small groups of missiles and fighters very efficiently but is only modestly effective when forced to fire continuously.

Animation[edit | edit source]

Burst PD Laser.gif
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Change History[edit | edit source]


  • Energy cost per second reduced from 350 to 300 (Flux per second reduced from 70 to 60)

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