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Buffalo Mk II-class Destroyer
Logistical Data
Recovery rate (per day) 5%
Maintenance (sup/month) 4.0
Cargo capacity 20
Maximum crew 40
Skeleton crew 40
Fuel capacity 30
Maximum burn 9
Fuel per light year 2
Ordnance points 70
Flight decks 0
Combat Performance
Hull integrity 2,500
Armor rating 200
Flux capacity 2,250
Flux dissipation 100
Top speed 80
Mounts 1x Medium Missile
2x Small Energy
2x Small Ballistic
3x Small Missile
Advanced Stats
CR per deployment 10%
Recovery cost (supplies) 4
Peak performance (sec) 120
A derived class, based on the Buffalo freighter. The modifications include the addition of military grade power generators, heavier armor, and maneuvering thrusters as well as the removal of the Mk. I shield emitter.

The Sector is violent and unpredictable, and conflicts often flare up over the smallest resource or perceived slight. In such situations military-grade ships are sometimes not available quickly enough. Thus, resourceful engineers turn to hull modifications in order to be able to meet the demand for war materiel.

The base hull of this destroyer is a standard Buffalo-class freighter, however due to the scope of the hull conversion, the Buffalo Mk. II is considered a separate class. The result is a fighting ship which can hold its own and fight back hard, especially if properly screened from strikes and heavier hulls. The unorthodox weapons configuration often leads to unique fleet formations, and hull modifications often mean that no two Buffalo Mk. IIs are quite the same.

The tactics employed by a Buffalo Mk. II captain will vary as much as his hull configuration, but rarely involve standing toe-to-toe with anything heavier than a frigate due to the lack of a shield generator and energy weapon emplacements. The combat plans usually involve a one hit wonder strategem that never works on the same enemy twice, which is perfectly fine with the crew of the Buffalo Mk. II.

–In-Game Description


The Buffalo Mk II is a modified version of the Buffalo freighter, re-designed to mount as much weapons as possible. Its weapons load-out enables the Buffalo Mk II fit to operate simultaneously as both missile cruisers and heavy fire support platform. Its Flare Launcher system would provide protection from missiles when overwhelmed by enemy ships and are very formidable when attack in groups or escorted by smaller ships. The Buffalo Mk II is usually utilized by pirates for medium to heavy raiding fleets, accompanied by groups of modified Colossus and Venture ships.


Its large hull size and small shield coverage makes it weak against frigates with EMP Emitters, such as Shades and Omens, which would fry its weapons and engines while destroying its launched missiles. It is inadvisable to engage a Buffalo Mk II without first dispatching its escorts.

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Change History[]


  • Increased price of Buffalo Mk.II to 18,000 credits


  • Reduced deployment and maintenance cost of Buffalo Mk.2 to 4 supplies (was: 6)

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