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Crew preparing fuel for a bombardment

Bombardment uses fuel to attack a planet directly, disabling one or more of its industries and destabilizing the market. Tactical and saturation bombardment operations are available.

A bombardment cannot be executed while a functional orbital station is present around the planet.

The fuel requirement depends on the level of ground defenses at the market.

A bombardment is a major enough hostile action that it can't be concealed, regardless of transponder status.

Starship fuel can be easily destabilized, unlocking the destructive potential of the antimatter it contains. Ground defences can counter a bombardment, though in practice it only means that more fuel is required to achieve the same result.

–In-game description


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Tactical Bombardment disrupts the local military structures (Patrol HQ, Military Base, High Command, Lion's Guard HQ, Ground Defences and/or Heavy Batteries) for at least a year, and reduces the target's stability by 1. It cannot be used if no non-disrupted military structures exist on the planet.

Tactical bombardments can be useful to remove resistance to raids, and to help decivilize a planet without the violence of a saturation bombardment.


Bombardment saturation.jpg

Saturation Bombardment disrupts every single industry on the planet for at least a year, reduces stability by 10, and lowers the population size by one level. Any market of size 4 or smaller will be destroyed outright.

Saturation bombardment by the player is considered an atrocity and will turn many factions hostile (notably the Hegemony, Luddic Church, Persean League and independents).

Punitive expeditions sent by the factions will use saturation bombardment to remove player colonies built in their territory, or which have proven persistent thorns in their side (the colony must have been successfully raided twice before).

Tips & Tricks[]


  • While the intuitive approach is to bombard a planet to clear its defenses for a raid, another option (if the player has sufficient ground strength) is to raid the spaceport and cause a supply shortage that disables the defenses, allowing for a nearly free bombardment.

Change History[]


  • Reduced stability penalty of tactical bombardment to 1

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