Blueprints enable the player to build specific ships, weapons or fighters items and are highly valuable, especially if the player wants that particular item. Blueprints are a new feature added in version 0.9.

Missile Blueprint Package screenshot 1

Missile Blueprint Package

Luddic Path Blueprint Package screenshot 1

Luddic Path Blueprint Package

Perdition Wing Blueprint screenshot 1

Perdition Wing Blueprint

Onslaught Blueprint screenshot 1

Onslaught Blueprint

Hegemony Auxiliary Blueprint Package screenshot 1

Hegemony Auxiliary Blueprint Package

Hegemony Auxiliary Blueprint Package screenshot 2

Hegemony Auxiliary Blueprint Package

Acquiring blueprintsEdit

Blueprints can be found by salvaging derelict probes, derelict research stations, various caches, once-off salvaging from ruins, tech-mining industry for colonies on planets with ruins, or by raids.

Common ships, weapons and fighters can be found bundled in the moderately common blueprint packages which can be bought from markets. Other, rarer items will each have their own blueprints.

There is no use for duplicate blueprints except to be sold for credits, save for a black market function, as discussed further below.

Using blueprintsEdit

The required to produce something from a learnt blueprint is having a Colony with Heavy Industry. In Doctrine and Blueprints tab, you can view all of your blueprints. You can prioritize which ship hulls, weapons and fighters your colonies' fleets use by clicking the Prioritize? column. It is safe to prioritize the civilian freighter and tanker you prefer because they will not take the place of combat ships.[1]

To custom order items, use the Command screen (D key) and the Custom Production tab.

Tips & TricksEdit

  • There may also be a few other planets with ruins that are in unclaimed systems that can potentially provide both once-off salvage as well as a Colony site with a tech-mining industry without the threat of being glassed. You can check if the planet is in an unclaimed system in the Intel screen (E key) by using the 'Planets' tab and the 'Unclaimed' option.
  • Space junk in orbit of planets indicates the presence of ruins, with the bigger amount of junk indicating better ruins.

Unclaimed Ruins in Core World Planets Edit

  • Exploring ruins on core world (surveyed), non-settled planets is a quick and easy source of blueprints, weapons, AI cores, and hence credits. You need to keep track of which planets (or systems) you have explored as you can only explore planets once, even if there are still ruins there. But be careful if hostile factions have forces in the system.
  • Independent colonies will happily buy anything you find.
  • In version 0.9.1, the planets with unexplored ruins vary from game to game.

Change HistoryEdit


  • Added to the game
  • Special items such as blueprints will not be lost if cargo ships are lost while retreating

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