Aurora-class Cruiser
Logistical Data
CR per deployment 20%
Recovery rate (per day) 4%
Recovery cost (supplies) 30
Peak performance (sec) 420
Maintenance (sup/month) 30
Cargo capacity 150
Maximum crew 200
Skeleton crew 75
Fuel capacity 90
Maximum burn 8
Fuel per l.y. & jump cost 3
Ordnance points 165
Flight decks 0
Combat Performance
Hull integrity 8,000
Armor rating 800
Defense Omni Shield
Shield arc 180
Shield upkeep/sec 425
Shield flux/damage 0.8
Flux capacity 11,000
Flux dissipation 800
Top speed 80
System Plasma Jets
Mounts 2x Medium Synergy
2x Medium Energy
4x Small Synergy
5x Small Energy
The Aurora-class cruiser is a technological marvel, rarely seen. Among the fastest and most maneuverable cruisers in the Sector, it is also one of the safest due to its wide shield coverage.

One can only wonder what the Domain Navy could accomplish with a fleet of these sleek, asymmetric, and eminently effective vessels. The shields are backed up by hyper-advanced flux dissipation system, installed throughout the hull, which gives the Aurora a very deep flux pool.

Most blueprints required to manufacture an Aurora-class ships are closely guarded corporate secrets, but a few have also seen service in the Hegemony Defense Force and rarely, in the hands of enterprising mercenary captains.

Few ships can outperform the Aurora ton for ton. Its only weakness is its prohibitive cost.

–In-Game Description

The Aurora is a top-end, high-tech cruiser. It is the third fastest cruiser in the game after the Heron and Falcon.


The Plasma Jets ship system provides a high speed boost (+125) with an extremely low cooldown, allowing the Aurora to operate at a mobility unmatched by any smaller ship that lacks something like a Phase Skimmer. The result is a cruiser that fares poorly under AI control but in the hands of a player can catch and swat smaller ships like bugs and still pack enough punch with its five forward-facing hardpoints to crush lone enemy cruisers. However, compared to other cruisers the Aurora fares poorly against capital-tier combatants, except when using torpedo-heavy loads.

The Front Shield Emitter hullmod is a player favorite with the Aurora, as it grants 360° shield coverage as well as halving the high shield upkeep cost.


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Change History Edit


  • Reduced flux capacity by 1000, from 12000 to 11000
  • Reduced flux dissipation by 50, from 850 to 800


  • changed non-front-facing medium turret from energy to synergy
  • Increased speed to 80 (was 70)
  • Reduced max flux by 20%
  • Reduced deployment cost to 30 (was 35)
  • New ship system: "Plasma Jets", short-duration high-effect version of maneuvering jets with a focus on speed rather than maneuverability
  • Goal is to make the Aurora fit in with the high-tech approach of "lower weapon range, but able to dictate engagements"

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