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Atlas Mk.II-class Modified Superfreighter

Logistical Data
Recovery rate (per day) 2%
Maintenance (sup/month) 24
Cargo capacity 200
Maximum crew 300
Skeleton crew 250
Fuel capacity 400
Maximum burn 6
Fuel per light year 10
Ordnance points 220
Flight decks 0
Combat Performance
Hull integrity 9,000
Armor rating 750
Defense Omni Shield
Flux capacity 8000
Flux dissipation 350
Top speed 30
Mounts 2x Large Missile
2x Large Ballistic
4x Medium Ballistic
6x Small Ballistic
Advanced Stats
CR per deployment 20%
Recovery cost (supplies) 24
Peak performance (sec) 720
Shield arc 60
Shield upkeep/sec 175
Shield flux/damage 1
The Atlas-Class superfreighter is a prime target of pirate attacks. A few later found at the broken heart of a sharp spray of impact debris in some lonely orbit. Others earn a pirate's second appraising glance and are hauled off to secret shipyards. Cargo holds are ripped apart, replaced with trusses to hold weapons mounts and souped-up ammo feed lines.

This Atlas, reborn in vacuum and fire, now delivers a cargo of death from the hand of a pirate warlord.

–In-Game Description

Nearly unrecognizable from the original Atlas hull, the Atlas Mk.II sports an intimidating array of weapon mounts, a far cry from the original's 3 small ballistic mounts. Alongside the increased armor and hull rating, the shield arc of the Atlas Mk.II sees a slight boost, and hints towards the offensive-nature of the new hull with the replacement of the Flare Launcher system with the much more invasive Accelerated Ammo Feeder.


While the Pirates head their fleets with the Atlas Mk.II, the Luddic Path have their own civilian-capital turned deathbringer in the form of the Prometheus Mk.II.

It is prudent to take advantage of the ship's system when fitting and in combat; a well-designed loadout can easily bring a great deal of ballistic suppression to bear.

While fitting the ship, flux levels should be taken into account carefully; the relatively low armor and hull rating compared to other capitals could result in a very undesirable and explosive death for a shieldless Atlas Mk.II.

Atlas Mk.IIs do best when fitted to dispense high-grade ballistic and/or missile firepower. They are not, however, very sturdy. Protecting them with other ships and allowing them to function as fire support vessels is wise.

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Change History[]


  • Added Atlas Mk.II to pirate fleets
  • Atlas Mk.II now marked as "Pirate" instead of "Low Tech"

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Up to date for version 0.95