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Astral-class Carrier
Logistical Data
Recovery rate (per day) 3%
Maintenance (sup/month) 50
Cargo capacity 250
Maximum crew 1,000
Skeleton crew 450
Fuel capacity 200
Maximum burn 7
Fuel per light year 10
Ordnance points 250
Flight decks 6
Combat Performance
Hull integrity 10,000
Armor rating 900
Defense Front Shield
Flux capacity 12,000
Flux dissipation 600
Top speed 30
System Recall Device
Mounts 2x Large Missile
5x Medium Energy
8x Small Energy
Hull mods Advanced Optics
Advanced Stats
CR per deployment 15%
Recovery cost (supplies) 50
Peak performance (sec) 600
Shield arc 360
Shield upkeep/sec 420
Shield flux/damage 0.6
A technologically advanced capital ship designed primarily as a carrier, the Astral-class is able to project vast amounts of firepower through its numerous fighter craft squadrons.

The Astral-class ships are thought to have been the epitome of carrier design in the Domain during the years prior to the Collapse. Nearly all systems that can be automated are, with each handled by sophisticated AI cores installed throughout the ship. Defensive weapon systems are typically, but not always, point defense turrets and long-range missiles.

The true power of an Astral lies in its fighter craft, which give the carrier unprecedented flexibility in the battle space. Nearly any enemy ship type that appears on the captain's scopes can quickly be dispatched, given just a launch order of a wing of nimble interceptors, strike bombers or fighters. Automated facilities ensure that a squadron coming back from a mission can quickly be repaired and rearmed behind the safety of the powerful X-35 shield emitter. The Astral-class is very vulnerable should the X-35 come down. This is why when not protected by its fighter wings it never travels alone, but instead is at the head of space-borne carrier fleets. These task forces are a rarity, as the power they hold is usually required to subjugate entire planets or blockade enormous areas of space.

The Astral is perhaps the most technologically advanced capital ship that can be seen in the Sector today. Few serve with the Hegemony due to the high technological requirements that it imposes on orbital docks. Senior Naval Corporate Officers of the Tri-Tachyon Corporation or extremely wealthy private admirals sometimes make an Astral their flagship.

–In-Game Description


The Astral is a capital-grade carrier with heavy missile weaponry and the most fighter bays of any ship in the game.

The Astral boasts two large missile mounts and powerful 360 degree shields with a fragile hull and a respectable logistical profile, as to be expected from a high-tech ship. The high flux capacity should be utilized to defend itself as it cannot easily tank unshielded damage like other capitals.

As a direct combat ship, it is the worst of all the capitals (not counting the Atlas or Prometheus). The full power of the Astral needs to be focused on its fighter ships. Its most notable features are the built-in Advanced Optics hull mod, which extends the range of any beam weapons the ship has equipped; this is useful for suppressing any detachment from trying to take its flank.

Astrals have a Recall Device system, unique to the Astral, which allows it to teleport any fighters (especially effective with bombers) it has deployed to back to the ship for rapid re-arming. As the recall device has a set cooldown of 30 seconds, it pairs extremely well with Systems Expertise in Tier 2 of the Combat skills tree.

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Change History[]


  • Increased ordnance points to 250 (was: 230)
  • Increased deployment cost and maintenance to 50 (was: 45)
  • Added 30 second cooldown to ship's recall system (was: 1)


  • Astral: increased armor to 900 (was: 500)

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Only up to date for version 0.95. It is likely still broadly correct but not verified for the most up to date data yet. Please double check the Version History.