Aquaculture industry
Farming on a water world requires a significant initial investment in bio-engineering suitable species, but once the process takes off, algae farms and fisheries can be operated by the population without requiring much in the way of specialized training or equipment.

–In-game description

Aquaculture is an industry. It can be built on any Colony established on a Water planet, and cannot be built on any other planet type.



Aquaculture does not provide any benefits to the colony.


Aquaculture has a base upkeep of 1 500 credits, increasing by the same amount for each colony size past 3.


Aquaculture produces the following commodities;

  • Food; equal to colony size

Additionally, based on available resources, Aquaculture can also produce the following commodities;


Aquaculture demands the following commodities;

A shortage of Heavy Machinery will reduce the production of Food by an amount equal to the shortage.

AI CoresEdit

Aquaculture receives the following perks from the assignment of an AI Core;

  • Gamma; reduces demand by one unit
  • Beta; reduces demand by one unit, reduces upkeep by 25%
  • Alpha; reduces demand by one unit, reduces upkeep by 25%, increases production by one unit


  • Aquaculture is unique to Water planets. Any other planet type can instead build Farming, assuming the presence of farmlands. Farming has a lower upkeep, and demands less Heavy Machinery.
  • Due to the Water planet unique farming condition Water-covered Surface, which replaces typical farmlands, it is not possible for Food to receive a resource condition modifier.
  • Volturnian Lobster Pens only appear on the planet Volturn in the Askonia system. Aquaculture only produces one lobster, requiring Industrial Planning (2) or an Alpha Core to produce additional units.
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