Antimatter Blaster
Am blaster turret base.png
General Information
Mount Small, Energy
Primary Role Strike
Ordnance points 9
DPS 137
Damage type Energy
Range 400
Flux/sec 146
Accuracy Perfect
Turn rate Fast
Shots/min 5.9
Damage 1,400
Charges 20
A slow-firing, extremely high damage energy gun meant to pose a threat to the largest ships in the Sector. Can only be used at close-range.

The antimatter blaster is one of the most complicated weapons in existence. Antimatter is stored in shells that have their own powered magnetic field projector built into the casing. In order to generate a field strong enough to contain and eject the 10 micrograms of antimatter (typically positrons) the built-in capacitor must spend a considerable time charging. Once a magnetic field of at least 25 kilonewtons is generated, the shell is breached and the antimatter is ejected toward the target, its main propellant being the Lorentz force around the muzzle of the blaster.

Extremely effective versus all targets.

–In-Game Description

Notes[edit | edit source]

The Antimatter Blaster has a number of disadvantages, however its extreme damage per shot still makes it ideal for certain specialized builds. The sudden damage spike can trigger overloads on stressed opponents, or breach heavy armour. It is a particular favourite for fragile high mobility ships that desire very short engagement times, such as high tech or phase ships. It is the only energy weapon with absolutely limited ammo per battle, so this weapon benefits from Expanded Magazines. However it takes over 203 seconds of continuous fire for Antimatter Blaster to run out of ammo due to the slow fire rate. So balance ammo against the ship's total peak active performance time.

Animation[edit | edit source]

Antimatter Blaster.gif

Media[edit | edit source]

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