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A rare and valuable independent AI core. This is the physical soul of an artificial intelligence, an artifact of astounding complexity capable of sophisticated thought exceeding the human mind. An object of fear, worship, and avarice; wars have been fought over the use and regulation of AI.

An AI core is incapable of affecting the outside world on its own. Exploitation of its vast abilities requires that the core must be submerged in a coolant bath and attached to bundles of high-capacity data lines appropriate to its tasks. When emplaced, the core is required to be fitted with an entirely analogue loyalty-assurance device; usually this takes the form of a crude chemical explosive with a mechanical trigger.

–In-Game Description

AI Cores are rare loot items found during salvage.

Possession and sale of AI cores is banned by the Hegemony, Persean League, Luddic Church, Luddic Path, Sindrian Diktat and Tri-Tachyon, and they may be seized as contraband if found by patrol inspections. However, they can be turned in directly by talking to administrators/base commanders of any faction except the pirates, providing various ratios of cash rewards and reputation bonuses with that faction. Alternatively, they can also be used to augment industries and structures on player colonies. Higher-level cores are worth more, have better effects, and attract more attention from the Luddic Path.

Use of AI cores on a colony may trigger Hegemony inspections and attract the attention of the Luddic Path.


Gamma Core[]

Ai core gamma.png
A gamma-level AI core is capable of supporting most human endeavors, making up for a lack of creativity and problem-solving ability with prodigous computational prowess. Assigning a gamma to aid human overseers in administering a colony-wide industry brings significant benefits.

A rare and valuable independent AI core, the gamma-level is the lowest tier core considered to be truly intelligent under Domain-era AI protocols. A gamma core will employ remarkable judgment and reasoning when assigned to straightforward tasks while using its savant-like data processing abilities to far exceed any individual human's abilities. It is relatively uncreative in problem-solving however, preferring to fall back upon direct, unsophisticated means.

–In-Game Description

Installing a gamma core in an industry reduces its demand for all commodities by one. This is rarely beneficial, but can help prevent or overcome shortages of a commodity.

Beta Core[]

Ai core beta.png
A beta-level AI core is capable of ably supporting most human endeavors, matching not-quite-human performance with its prodigous computational ability. Assigning a beta to aid human overseers in administering a colony-wide industry brings significant benefits.

A beta-level AI core can easily pass for human, given anonymized communications protocols, and will readily and ably lie if deception is required to perform a given task. The beta employs cognitive modelling of human actors to anticipate reactions and emotional responses, though it is difficult to describe exactly what, if anything, the beta feels. Records on the subject are patchy and contradictory; a popular theory is that a beta will model a new personality for each human it comes into contact with.

–In-Game Description

Installing a beta core in an industry reduces its demand for all commodities by one, and reduces its upkeep cost by 25%.

Alpha Core[]

Ai core alpha.png
An alpha-level AI core is capable of excelling at any task. Assigning one to run a colony-wide industry brings benefits well beyond the capacity of human leadership, and there are even rumors of alpha cores surreptitiously assigned to govern entire worlds.

The alpha-level AI core is the physical soul of a fearsome alien intelligence. An alpha can create art which perfectly simulates human pathos, plausibly debate any philosophical position, and form what appear to be deep and meaningful bonds with human beings. Alphas have been known to perform elaborate 'jokes' built over years which can only be appreciated due to the intention that a particular human subject become cognitive of the whole at a specific time and context.

Although the locus of vast material and intellectual investment, alphas terrified Domain strategic planners. Like all AI, each alpha was watched, controlled, and ruthlessly eliminated at the first sign of disloyalty. The Hegemony carries on these policies with even greater fervor.

–In-Game Description

Installing an alpha core in an industry reduces its demand for all commodities by one, reduces its upkeep cost by 25%, and has a bonus effect depending on the industry type (typically increasing production of all commodities by one).

Colony Building Alpha Core Effect
Commerce Increases Colony Income by 25%


+20% Access
Waystation Greatly increases stockpiles

(of fuel, supplies, and crew from the Waystation)

Orbital Station
Star Fortress
Increases station combat effectiveness

(Station gets a level 20 AI officer in combat)

Ground Defenses
Heavy Batteries
Planetary Shield
Increases ground defenses by 1.5x

(Multipliers will stack if a core is installed on multiple buildings)

Patrol HQ
Military Base
High Command
Increases fleet size by 1.25x
Tech-Mining Increases finding by 25%
Cryorevival Facility Doubles the population growth from the facility
Light Industry
Heavy Industry
Orbital Works
Fuel Production
Population & Infrastructure
Increases production by 1 unit

Alpha cores can also be appointed as colony administrators. In this role they have the Industrial Planning skill and the unique Hypercognition skill, no salary, and do not count towards the administrator limit or personal colony cap.

Open the pod bay doors, HAL!

If an alpha core is placed as an administrator and left alone for a while, attempting to remove it will bring up a dialog where the AI core is found to no longer be in its control bunker. The AI contacts the player to reveal that it has anticipated this event and relocated itself to a safer location, and attempts to persuade the player character into leaving it in place as administrator. The player can forcibly disconnect the AI nevertheless, but this loses the core permanently and adds the "Rogue AI Core" market condition to the colony (causing a -1 stability penalty).

Turning in[]

Selling AI cores on the open market is prohibited by most factions. However, higher-up faction representatives are often willing to exchange AI cores for large sums of cash when communicated with directly, though their reasons for doing so may vary.

–In-Game Description

Turning in AI cores at a League market

Cores can be turned in to station or planet administrators for money and reputation.

Core type Credits Reputation
Gamma 10,000 +1
Beta 30,000 +2
Alpha 150,000 +5

Different factions will modify the amount of credits and reputation received per core. These modifiers are shown when you contact the commander and are choosing which cores to turn in.

Faction Credits Reputation
Hegemony 100% 200%
Luddic Church 10% 300%
Luddic Path 10% 100%
Persean League 100% 100%
Pirates * *
Sindrian Diktat 200% 100%
Tri-Tachyon 300% 50%**
Independent 200% 100%

* No commanders found, or they don't accept AI cores.

** Fractional reputation values are rounded down. Handing in a single gamma core to Tri-Tachyon will get you +0 reputation, even if you do it twice in a row. You need to hand in two cores at the same time to get +1 reputation.

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